[scona] Camp Smalltalk VanIsle

tim Rowledge tim at rowledge.org
Thu Jun 19 16:44:56 PDT 2014

OK folks,
Sebastian & I propose to hold a camp on the island over the first weekend in October (2014) - that’s 4-5th.

The venue is still flexible and depends upon how many people attend. For a small number we can simply use my offices - which as Seb will tell you are quite nice and spacious. Accommodation locally can be arranged.

If the numbers get a bit higher we can use the reception room at the local MakerSpace[1] in Nanaimo, a few miles down the road. Not quite so chic but spacious and local to eateries etc.

Nanaimo is reasonably easy to get to from the mainland, ferries[2] being the obvious choice though when it’s nice weather the floatplane trip is spectacular. Flying in to Victoria is possible from parts of the US and I’m sure John could be persuaded to play chauffeur. Flying into Comox is also a possibility.

Let us know.

[1] https://makerspacenanaimo.org/
[2] www.bcferries.com
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