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stephane ducasse stephane.ducasse at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 08:24:05 PDT 2010

Hi david

Yes this is our idea. As I said esug is ready to help. We know that North america is way larger than Europe 
but we should give a try. If you have ideas about actions we did not think because we do not know your education
system let's know. ESUG is a practical oriented association. :)

We will set up an infrastructure to share resources (archive, videos, books, slides).

I published part of my slides in creative commons in powerpoint at:
	(if you need them in keynote let me know.)

Esug has also a sponsoring for students visiting labs and article in the press. 
If you want to organize special lecture seminars. We can push that too.
if you have textbook and you want to turn that in booklet, book we can help too.
We contacted a squeaker to tun his test driven development html online only book into a pdf like squeak by example 
and get a print on demand version without losing anything but no reaction after tried already 3 times. so we will stop :)

Our message is the following one: organize a bit yourselves and we will help. We are doing that 
with spain, germany, russia so we should succeed in N.America :)


our motto: helping people that want to do something. :)

> Hi folks  :-)
> I'm a Smalltalker/teacher in the Pittsburgh PA area.  I use VisualWorks
> primarily but a bit of Squeak here and there as well.
> Any interest in trying to build this community? Stef indicated that ESUG
> would help and I think we should approach STIC as well. I can imagine
> some very modest support coming in the form of paying for a
> location/some snacks for an "interest group" meeting at an upcoming
> Smalltalk solutions or OOPSLA (this venue would probably be too pricey
> even to get a room).

usually if you have a non profit organization ESUG give 2000 Euros to kick the process.

> I would really like to get together to talk about what we're doing with
> Smalltalk in education so I'd be happy to arrange this if there is
> sufficient interest.
> Best wishes,
> David Shaffer
> Department of Math/CS
> Westminster College
> New Wilmington, PA 16172
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