[scona] Camp Smalltalk Charlotte 2019

Donald MacQueen [|] dmacq at instantiations.com
Mon Feb 4 12:03:36 PST 2019

Hello Smalltalkers,

Camp Smalltalk Charlotte 2019 is looking good! At this point we are over 
half full.
Looks like some cool demos using different Smalltalk dialects are 
already lining up.
A google groups forum has been created for attendees so everyone can 
beforehand. Attendees will get an invitation for group access shortly 
after registering.

This event is happening March 29th – March 31st 2019 in Charlotte, North 
Please register for the event as spots will be limited.
Event details and registration info are available at the following link: 
Camp Smalltalk Charlotte 2019 
Hope to see you there!

Donald [|]
A bad day in [] is better than a good day in {}.

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